Fire safety

Fire safety

Fire protection is closely related to construction industry containing very many potentials. Recognizing this fact, KÉSZ Group became one of the owners of Ventor Tűzvédelmi Kft. in 2016. Since its foundation Ventor has grown to be an enterprise conducting business and providing quality services in a transparent way and being capable to introduce and apply the methods and technologies in the vanguard of the world in addition to traditional solutions. The spread of water-fog fire distinguishing systems and the wide use of fire simulation design methods in our country are owed to the company's employees who have done and do a lot also for modernization of the fire prevention environment in Hungary.

In the Hungarian market Ventor has the most comprehensive service and technological portfolio in the field of fire protection. Owing to this, it is able to perform, as a general fire protection contractor, all of its works related to the most comprehensive projects, from design through construction to future operation. Their independent team consisting of twelve designers is engaged in the design of architectural and fire extinguishing equipment and setting up and running fire and evacuation simulations.

They have the whole palette of passive and active fire protection solutions for construction projects. The buildings they protect are mostly monument buildings, hotel and office buildings and industrial and logistic halls. Their fire protection references include computing centers, control rooms, pharmaceutical and machinery technologies, airplane hangars and car construction technologies.


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