Two bim.Group projects won at this year's Telkla BIM Awards. Next up is the international round

This year, the bim.GROUP team not only managed to reproduce the results of the previous competition, but also exceeded all expectations. This time, colleagues entered the contest with two projects for the TEKLA BIM Awards, one was the National Athletics Centre and the other the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School. Both projects were highly successful according to the jury's vote, but the two public voting also placed bim.GROUP's projects among the winners, and thus, they qualified for the international competition.

The final result speaks for itself: the two bim.GROUP projects got to the podium (at regional level, Hungary and Romania): the first place was won by the National Athletics Centre the second place by the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School and, moreover, both projects were category winners and thus have made it to the international round. The list of announcements does not stop here, as we are pleased to announce that the domestic project nominated by bim.GROUP Kft. – again, the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School – was also selected as the Audience Award Winner of the international Construsoft Tekla BIM Awards.

The voting criteria included innovative use of TEKLA Structures, model detailing and constructability, diversity of materials, geometric complexity, BIM collaboration, coordination and cost-effectiveness, as well as architectural uniqueness and sustainability. Each jury member scored entries from 1 to 5 points, with the fifth 5 points awarded based on the audience vote. The final decision was taken on 14 June, after the review of the quality of the projects submitted by the applicants. The jury's diverse but ultimately unanimous opinion was complemented by the audience's votes as the 5th jury member, so in a close race, the audience turned the final result around.

The projects in more detail, entries of the colleagues

One of the entries showcased the extraordinary work carried out on the National Athletics Centre. The new complex, the central venue for the 2023 World Athletics Championships, is located in a triangular area south of the Rákóczi Bridge, enclosed by the main Danube branch, the Ráckeve-Danube branch and Kvassay Jenő út. The task of bim.GROUP was to draw up the technological and production plans for the steel and cable structures, to support the manufacturing, installation and geodetic processes during the entire implementation, and to coordinate the work of the specialist designers involved.


The other project was another outstanding facility of its kind, the Jedlik Ányos Secondary School. It is located in Budapest’s Csepel district, where the development of the old secondary school, its expansion with an additional 6,500 m2 and complete reconstruction was completed. The subsequent phases after the conceptual design, i.e. the preparation of the permit plan documentation, the execution design and the production design were carried out by bim.GROUP Kft. with the assistance of our team with members from the 5 main business lines (architecture, reinforced concrete and steel supporting structure, building envelope, electrical and mechanical design). The biggest structural challenge of the project was the covering of the auditorium, which required experience, practice and the appropriate software.


Congratulations to the bim.GROUP team and all the member companies and partners who participated in the projects and achieved this outstanding result. (KÉSZ Metaltech Kft., KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Kft., Baumetall Design Kft., Geolink3D)

As in previous years, the award ceremony will be held at the autumn user meeting, where the winners will have the opportunity to present their projects to the public.