True life of buildings: KÉSZ Group celebrates the people who create in them

KÉSZ Group celebrates the first four decades of its existence and sends a message to the future with a spectacular film. However, in addition to the huge steel structures, iconic buildings and high-flying towers, the limelight is now on the people who fill the buildings with life, who create in them and who formulate the future. In particular, as the construction works were completed, the true history of stadiums, office buildings or cultural centers is written by those who create within their walls.

The real story of buildings starts after the last screw has been put in the right place, the last facade element has been fixed and cranes give place to users of the buildings. In particular, to people who live, work, create, cheer for their favorite team or just entertain the audience within their walls since the new chapter are written by them. The new image film of KÉSZ Group is built on this conception on the occasion of its 40-year anniversary.

Goodbye to the past and message to the future
“The end of a construction. And the start of a new one – this is the main message of our film. This year KÉSZ Group celebrates a round anniversary and the operation of the whole company has turned to even higher intensity by now. Our international expansion is getting better and better, we employ more people and become a more and more attractive working place and our continuous development needs undertakings pointing to the future. Sustainability plays a prevailing role in our film, however, we celebrate only our 40th anniversary, we plan for the next 300 years and the sustainability of our operation is indispensable in order that our buildings could be enjoyed by many generations. Our film is about us and we would like to express our thanks to those who fill our buildings with life and so make our work meaningful. In particular, not only our buildings formulate the townscape for decades but also plenty of adventures can be expected within their walls” – said Tibor Metykó, marketing and communications director of KÉSZ Group.

Next year KÉSZ Group will issue a sustainability report complying with ESG criteria and it determined specific, enumerable undertakings as early as this year. In addition to sustainable operation, they support their industry purpose also by this: they would like to improve the judgment of the whole industry.

From tiny screws to skyscrapers
The Group's jubilee image film was shot by Positive Adamsky, the conception was found out and directed by Örs Koblicska and the production company was Loupé Films. The brand movie shows, among others, such legendary buildings as the Athletics Stadium, MOL Campus or the new building of Hungexpo.

The film can be viewed here: