Sustainability stand-up: unusual campaign started at KÉSZ Group

KÉSZ Group chose an irregular program for its sustainability campaign and employee education: the more and more urgent issues of climate change were brought closer to the employees in the form of a stand-up comedy evening.  The company's objective is to make its own operation greener and so to encourage the whole industry to change.

The this year 40 years old KÉSZ Group launched an unusual internal communication campaign: it strove to raise its employees' awareness of the most important issues of sustainability and the related development opportunities in a stand-up evening. The guest performers of the special evening were Gergely Litkai humorist and Bence Máté world-famous nature photographer. The main purpose of the event was to approach the often elusive sustainability issues by means of humor and so to make them more understandable and tangible for the employees and so to start a change in the mindset of employees.

KÉSZ Group started a large-scale sustainability program called KÉSZ Next in the beginning of the year, continuing the last year's Naturban campaign, with the help of which sustainability is more and more integrated in the company's business strategy and so it becomes an important part of corporate culture. For this it is indispensable that also the employees actively do for this in their daily lives both on individual and organizational levels.

KÉSZ Group is continuously working to do something for a greener future not only on corporate and industry but also on retail level. Accordingly, for example last year it organized together with Bence Máté an interactive, open-air exhibition. At the “NATURBAN 2021 – or nature moved to town” exhibition the world-famous nature photographer's more than 100 works awaited visitors in Budapest. There was a microsite created to the exhibition and at the whole material of the open-air exhibition could be viewed.

Construction industry can become greener 
“The purpose of this event was also to bring our colleagues closer to the theme of sustainability in a more entertaining form easy to process. This theme is an important part of our communications and this year we started a detailed sustainability screening process resulting in a program consisting of even more complex commitments and a group-level and sectoral sustainability strategy. Construction industry is famous not just of green operation and we would like to change this” - added Tibor Metykó, the marketing and communications director of KÉSZ Group.