KÉSZ Group launched a prize game for gamers

The prize game of KÉSZ Group launched in mid-November involves the Z generation into the formation of the future of the construction industry. The task is to design sustainable and at the same time creative buildings in one of the most popular open-world sandbox video game. Right now several hundreds threw themselves into the virtual game offering substantial prizes but it is allowed to join and enter the game until 4 December.

Sustainability, creativity and, of course, construction industry were in the focus of the prize game of KÉSZ Group targeting the young generation, in which enterprising people could unchain their fantasy in the virtual space. The digital construction works were followed with attention by two popular video influencers, Uborcraft and luckeY. The works will be evaluated by a professional jury supplemented by them at the end of the game.

The gamers may enter the server created specifically for this purpose on the open-world sandbox video game platform using the description in KÉSZ Group's Instagram page where they can build on the plot of land equipped with their own code. Bringing up their creativity, they can build up buildings of any type. The only criterion is consideration of sustainability aspects. Photos of the creations completed should be taken marked by a “KÉSZ” board and then sent to the @keszgroup Instagram page (submitting so the entry) up to 4 December 2022.

The organizers honor the competitors ideas and green mindset by valuable prizes: the first prize is 500 thousand forints and the competitor in the second place receives a monitor and the bronze medalist gamer receives a gaming chair.

By this prize game KÉSZ Group intends to call the attention to one of its important industry objectives, i.e. sustainability, mostly amongst the Z and Y generations. “We would like to bring the industry closer to young people again by an extraordinary initiative. The game started hardly a week ago and it is immediately an immense success: more than 400 plot of parcels were occupied on the server and the completed entries arrive continuously. I am glad to announce that with an important catchword we succeeded to move young people and their works show that they are already familiar with the environmentally-friendly construction solutions even if it is only in a virtual space. Announcement of the results is yet far away and we are awaiting for further entries and will present the winning works to the audience on 9 December. We do not consider out of question either that the creative ideas will later inspire also the designers of real buildings” - said Tibor Metykó, the marketing and communications director of KÉSZ Group. 

The details of the game are available on the Instagram page of KÉSZ Group at: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ck81n9soLis/

In this video game gamers find themselves in a 3D pixel world consisting of blocks in which they can produce tools using various raw materials and by using them they can build up the buildings dreamt by them and, moreover, they can color them by objects and graphics.