The finalists of IdeaFest were selected by our colleagues

The finals of this year's territorial IdeaFest competition to which secondary school students from Budapest and Pest County could submit their applications are over. In the course of the innovative idea competition consisting of three rounds covering a great part of the school year the participants could learn the basics of setup and operation of their enterprise built on their own idea while they were measured in the several-round competition in the hope of valuable prizes. This year the competition was related also to KÉSZ Group as at the territorial final in Békéscsaba our two colleagues sit in the jury: it was also up to Csilla Hegyfalvi, the innovation manager of IQ Kecskemét and Zsuzsanna Naderi, the managing director of Edupark Nonprofit Kft. who would appear on the international scene.

The purpose of the competition is to enable young people to develop further their innovative ideas and to obtain experience in entrepreneurial skills. They can obtain also international knowledge since the winner may travel to the United States of America, the student in the second place to Finland, the student in the third place to Germany and the other teams may travel to the Czech Republic.