The 10 thousand square meter warehouse hall reached its highest point

The new industrial facility of Szigetszentmiklós slowly gains its final form as the 10 thousand square meter warehouse hall has reached its highest point, so the topping up ceremony traditional in the industry could be held. KÉSZ Group was assigned to design and construct the facility which will serve not only for logistic service of the warehouse stock but also it will have blocks meeting modern office and social requirements. The facility completed largely contributes to the expansion plans of the Chinese customer in Europe and even further extensions can be expected.

The industrial development of Pest County has rapidly progressed in the recent years and Express Luck has found its account in this project as well. For the purposes of faster and modern service of logistic needs, a new warehouse hall meeting all demands has become necessary, the construction of which began during last year. The assignment of KÉSZ Group, i.e. KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt. extends from the permission and working drawings to overall construction of the hall. It includes, among others, the precast reinforced concrete structure, the roof cladding by profiled sheets, covering of the sandwich panel side wall, all this with a 18 cm thick industrial floor and 6 docking ramps. In addition, the assignment includes the public utility and road construction works, all these within the plot.

The building reached its highest point on 31 March and with this KÉSZ Group amply met the deadline accepted in the design. At the topping up ceremony Yang Gu, the project manager of Express Luck, János Nagy, the mayor of Szigetszentmiklós and Árpád Tápai, Deputy CEO of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., a member of the Board made a speech.

“We can take part in an extraordinary exemplary cooperation in this project. It is always refreshing to see when the conceptions point to the same direction facilitating the work processes as well. Owing to flexible cooperation and to the skills and professionalism of our colleagues, we could manage the challenges arisen. All progresses in due time and appropriate quality, so we can gladly announce that we could hold the traditional topping up ceremony” - said Árpád Tállai, Deputy CEO, a member of the Board of KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., the general contracting member company of KÉSZ Group.

“We, the team of Express Luck always think that we have to find the perfect partners in addition to the appropriate and supporting environment - and it is not otherwise in this project either. We could establish an extraordinary relation with the town management and, besides, our cooperation with KÉSZ Group is exemplary. We have experienced the highest level of skills and vocation and this day is also an example for the fact that we together could arrive at this point amply before the deadline”- said Yang Gu, the project manager of Express Luck.

On the part of KÉSZ Group several member companies and partners have participated in the project. dvb Kft. was responsible for the manufacture and installation of the precast reinforced concrete structure, PROVIM Kft. for overall performance of electric works and VENTOR Kft. for sprinkler installation. bim.GROUP, the Group's strategic partner participated in preparation of the construction drawings.