The logistic strategic partner of KÉSZ Group is Baulog Kft. founded in 2016, which concentrates the Group' transport and craning activities and enables single-channel administration.   

Their activities include internal, due to the nature of the projects, construction transport and international forwarding. The company fills a specific role on the market, based firstly on its manufacturing capacities arising from the structure of KÉSZ Group and secondly on their presence on the market as a carrier.  

The other pillar of their activities is craning and assistance in lifting technology. Owing to their cooperation with market operators, the company renders assistance to projects already in the part of the contracting section when the designs are only prepared. By this they encourage optimized decision-making already in the early sections.  Owing to their individual fixed contracts, they are able to meet the most extreme demands and to provide cranes almost immediately:

  • for general use, with fast availability, mobile crane trucks with a capacity from 8 to 500 tons 
  • for special individual demands, mobile crane trucks with a capacity from 500 to 1000 tons 
  • if required, even crawler cranes for any project up to a capacity of 1800 tons  


  • Internal transport of goods by vans, small and medium trucks, open or canvass trucks up to 24 tons
  • International transport of goods in export/import directions up to 24 tons
  • Internal and international transport of oversized/overweight goods by special combinations (multiple extendable vehicles, low-floor, low-deck equipment, with optional spmt extension)
  • EKAER administration
  • Freight organization
  • Craning

Domestic and international forwarding

Craning and lifting technology

EKÁER administration

freight organization

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