"If you fall behind, you won't be there!" - KÉSZ Group educates with help of comedian

Water and gas lines on the same route? Cost planning descending into chaos? Windows delivered at the wrong time? These are all mistakes in a project that can be avoided with accurate planning and the use of BIM methodology. With the help of comedian Dennis Dávid Musimbe, we presented the classic mistakes and stereotypes about construction and how digitalisation can help the construction industry. The unconventional video highlights situations that can today be easily prevented or swiftly corrected with the help of digitalisation.

Our aim with the video was to present the so-called BIM methodology, which plays an increasingly important role in the daily operations of construction projects and construction companies, in humorous and accessible fashion. BIM (Building Information Management) methodology is becoming increasingly common and indispensable in the construction industry, but many people are struggling to get started because it is an elusive and complex approach. Within the Group, we have long been engaged in educating our staff on this topic, but with our unusual video, we wanted to present this seemingly complicated approach in a way that is understandable for the layman, but at the same time also highly entertaining. In the video, we contrast how difficult-to-follow sub-tasks presented themselves before BIM with the more predictable and efficient operation that BIM has brought about. It is entertaining for the experts because they have probably encountered similar situations in the past, but also for the layman, because this kind of presentation delivered by a comedian can make even the uninitiated laugh.

KÉSZ Group aims to be a pioneer in BIM in the Hungarian industry and to use the methodology at a Group level, thus significantly increasing its competitiveness.

The video providing a unique and entertaining view of BIM methodology is available here.