Solar Power Plant Park Paks

Solar Power Plant Park Paks

In October 2022 a new solar power plant park was opened near Paks owing to Greenergy, an energy company associated with KÉSZ Group. The 10 million euros, i.e. more than 4 billion forints project is capable to produce the electricity required for the average consumption of more than 5,500 households per year using renewing solar energy. It is done by using more than 44 inverters and 21,384 solar cell panels. It means that the use of the solar power plant can reduce the carbon footprint of Hungary by 4 thousand tons per year.

The specialty of the system is that it follows the path of the Sun, so it keeps the panels always in the optimum angle of the light source. It enables a 15-20 per cent higher solar energy utilization and a more balanced energy production at daytime compared to the traditional systems.

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