KÉSZ Group helps children in need with storybook

The construction industry now has something truly special to offer, a unique, charitable storybook: KÉSZ Group has enlisted the help of the children of its own employees, and through their drawings and stories written to accompany them, our self-produced storybook presents, among other things, the world of construction and the importance of environmental protection. The book, entitled Hexagonal Tales (Hatszögletű mesék), is illustrated with drawings by children from kindergarten to pre-school age, and the stories are the work of Ida Anna Csáky. The book was not commercially available, but for a month anyone could download it from our revamped website. In addition, by downloading the book, readers also support a good cause: during the campaign, they could donate any amount to the Bethesda Children's Hospital Foundation in exchange for the download.

At KÉSZ Group, we launched a number of awareness-raising programmes and activities last year, with the aim of better involving our employees in our efforts to promote more sustainable operations and environmental protection, and thus to help change attitudes and deepen understanding of the issue within the Group. On the occasion of our 40th birthday, we launched an unusual initiative: we announced a drawing competition among the children of our staff and, as a surprise, with the help of a story writer, we put together a storybook from the drawings received, which was distributed to almost 700 KÉSZ Group children on St. Nicholas day.

Youngest creator just three years old

Children of pre-school and school age could send in drawings dealing with 4 different themes: they could draw their parents at work, they could show how important environmental protection is to them as children, but they could also create drawings on the themes of bees and nature, which are associated with the 40th anniversary of the Group and our hexagon logo. Almost 90 entries were received: the youngest artist was just 3 years old, the oldest 12, and the majority of the drawings were made by kindergarteners.


With children for children

This spring, we made the special storybook available to everyone: the digital version was made available to download free of charge from the revamped KÉSZ Group website for anyone interested. At the same time, in return for the download, we asked readers to support the Bethesda Children's Hospital Foundation – which is participating in the programme – to the extent of their financial means, thus contributing to the recovery of the children treated there.


However, donations were not only expected from the readers of the storybook, because at the end of the campaign, KÉSZ Group added another one million forints to the amount donated. Those who wanted to get a limited edition printed copy of the storybook also had the opportunity to do so, because at the same time as the campaign, we also announced a prize draw on the KÉSZ Group Instagram page, where 100 storybooks were raffled off among the participants.